In 1981 a group of friends who hung about together and rode Harley-Davidson’s, used to meet up at a motorcycle workshop in Wealdstone Middlesex.

They used to go to the HDRCGB rallies and events but eventually decided that they wanted something different.

The club name was changed and in 1983 the West London Harley Riders was born. The first president was Harley Bob and the club consisted of about fifteen members.

The West London Harley Riders are based near Heathrow Airport. We look forward to meeting everyone at various rallies and events throughout the year.

21st to 25th May, THE WEST LONDON HARLEY RIDERS present the FH-DCE SUPER RALLY 2015 in LINCOLN. A great party for in excess of 6000 bikers, drinking 50,000 or more pints of beer, and being entertained by 30 bands, the Knights of the Damned, Birds of prey, The last flying Vulcan in the world, the Hurricane and Spitfire of the Battle of Britain flight, And the RED ARROWS. What more could you ask for? Only yet another Burning Budgie Rally. And this didn’t stop us visiting Germany, Holland, Belgium, Somerset, Essex, and others. What an unforgettable year.

Now Catweasle has taken it upon himself to save the planet by organising young riders across the country and assisting their path to become tomorrow’s club members. Good luck with that bud.

Watch this space and we’ll see you on the road!



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